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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How to Setup Your Website in the cPanel Hosting Account

Initial Steps in Creating a Website - Webmaster Guidelines

One of the initial steps to go through as a webmaster is setting up a DNS in the cPanel account. ("This is to assume that you already have purchased your own Domain Name for your website from any 3rd party nameservers or from the HostGator Name Servers itself.") To make your website visible on the internet, you need to configure it through your cPanel account. Now that you already have a name for your website, simply login to your cPanel hosting account with your credentials, of course. ("I used cPanel hosting account in setting up my website").
Login Page
After logging in to your cPanel account, here are some steps that you need to follow in order for your website to be available on the internet.
  1. Inside your account, you'll find several icons or tools for your cPanel configuration usage. What you'll need to find is the "QuickInstall" icon under the "Software/Services" category section.
    QuickInstall Icon
  2. After clicking on the "QuickInstall" icon, you'll get redirected to the QuickInstall page area where you can see several options you could use or installation software for your domain website. (For me, I choose WordPress, as my CMS software). Follow the instructions on each each and fill-in the required textboxes on the form. Also, make it sure on the dropdown box the appropriate domain name is currently in place and then click the "Install" button. Last thing to do is wait for the process to finish and then copy the details provided after the installation process. So simple and everything is self-explanatory.
  3. Login to your website's dashboard with your credentials that has been provided to you from the step 2 after the WordPress installation process.
  4. Now, you are already inside to your website's dashboard (WordPress) and you are ready to create your own design to your website.

In the designing stage of your website, always remember to tick the box for "Discourage search engines from indexing this site" found on the >Settings>Reading area of your website dashboard. (In my own experience, when Google bot crawlers crawls/index your website with your temporary contents, it would take a long time for you to get your website indexed and appear on Google's SERP when you start optimizing your website along with your final contents to display).

Part of the webmaster's job description is optimizing the website's visibility over the internet. There are various methods and steps on how to optimize webpages/website, but always take note about "The Webmaster’s Point of View on SEO Matter".  As for me, that would be at least the most important matter to include in the "Webmaster Guidelines".
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