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WelcoME to my personal blogger account from Google, a free publishing tool which you can utilize for sharing information, personal ideas, photos and videos. Setting up for a new blogger account of your own is very easy and 'speedy! No hassles and complicated requirements needed. All you need is a single Gmail account, an email service product from Google "free registration", which you can use to register for a new account. Verify your new account and that's it! In just less a few minutes you already have your own personal publishing website tool that you could utilize in setting up for your business, personal blogging and other web-based related functions.

As for ME, I registered a free account from for my own personal journal and at the same time, for sharing personal thoughts or ideas in regards to my field of expertise or work. I am an online freelancer and I work from hoME! Typically, contracts and other matters are done over the internet. It's all about online transactions and if you can observe, the marketing industry are now migrating to the online world. Everything goes online and everything happens online!

Innovations of Internet Marketing and Technology: 

Don't Get Mystified! Be Rectified!

The internet is getting bigger and bigger each day to fit everyone on it. So expect there would be extreme competitions against potential competitors in the market and yeah, even in the work field as well. The online world would become a battlefield for those excelling mind people. To keep up with the fast phase and growing industry in the virtual world, one must have the ability to learn and quickly adapt with any kinds of innovations. Everything changes in a quick slope or might not happen today but tomorrow or nobody expects.

Updated and Staying Up Ahead with the Competitions

In this kind of environment, everybody should know where there allies and competitors should be. Every step of the way should be your advanced step ahead from your business competitors. Think like pro and be like a pro, everybody has that thinking too. So... so much for introduction, I am now advancing myself as well and preparing what the future should be in the online world. Even robots can think like a human now, how much more those web-crawling bots that Google is sending out every day? To optimize or penalize your business websites!

I am a webmaster and have been working for more than 5 long years in that particular field of work. I repeat "webMastEr" and not SEO! --- I have nothing against to you guys! I just kind'a find it good to hear though.