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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Understanding the Different Concepts of Online Marketing and SEO

Before you begin your online business campaign or any online campaign (I'm sure some of you already have a list of methods or approaches for your online business campaign), just pause for awhile and try to analyze or understand what you are really trying to achieve with your online business campaign. When you say "Online Marketing" and/or "SEO", you should know the definition of those (2) terms to determine your goals and you may want to achieve with your online business campaign. Also, you should know the difference between those (2) terms for you to define and not to be confused with your main goals you want to focus on in achieving your main purpose of your online business campaign. Those (2) terms have completely different methods or approach with (1) the same goal to achieve, and that is to promote your business website/s.

"I wanted to specify this, it is because there are still other people that really don't understand its concepts."

When they heard of those terms such; online marketing, SEO, online advertising, business promotions and etc... there is only one thing that they could come up on their minds then, and that "backlinking"! Why is it that certain method, which is normally used in internet terminology as for connecting 2 webpages as hyperlink creating a much faster redirection from one page to another for the reader's benefit, is now being abused by some "so-called" SEO workersBefore, if I'm not mistaken way back 2 or 3 years ago, that was quite effective and a lot of spammers were dominating the internet world (these are the "so-called" SEO workers I am referring to) which gave Google's database really quite a load of unrelevant information on their data storage!

(This line here is added today -  Feb. 18, 2015 and would like to state addition info ----> "With regards to the information I have implied on this post - I have a credible reference that in regards to backlinking it could greatly create great issue on your SEO campaign!" ----> Click Here to follow the link ---- This is also a backlinking strategy BUT to note it is a legitimate used of linking going to the resource information related to this topic)


(We all know or we may have different concepts of their algorithm change since then up to now which I will skip it through because that is not my main topic for today). 

As Google's Algorithm have been updated from time to time, one of their factors in ranking a webpage or website is not focused on those spammy backlinks anymore! There are considering other factors aside from that. One of those factors MIGHT be correlation of the different accounts of a certain author/writer/publisher/webmaster or any person's entity. These accounts would be; email (gmail) along with its other accounts being used to register on that certain email (gmail) (social media accounts, website community accounts, forum accounts & etc.) In that way, even if you post a certain information or content from your certain account and then you repeatedly re-posted it to your other accounts, that won't matter on Google (they won't penalize your page account for duplication of content) it is because, it came from one person's idea or one source only. Also, that is already one factor that Google will give credit on your authoritative or trust value as an author/writer/publisher/webmaster. 

Just by being consistent with your idea and NOT copying ideas from others, that is your key to becoming more valuable in Google's eye! So no backlinks needed but instead being consistent with your contents/ideas using your only one Gmail account and that's it!

So for those SEO workers that are still having backlinking methods, you may want to stop for a awhile and read more information about it! Don't limit your knowledge with doing all those sorts of backlinking and backlinking and backlinking... You are just wasting your time and it risked your website's campaign for doing that.

Just be consistent and do follow what Google's Guidelines in Search Engine Optimization. Learn to read and don't spam the internet!

I have tried this already and experimented on things. Also, doing research and research which all these information are just accumulated from experience, stock knowledge, reading Google Guidelines (updates) and yeah socializing with the right people who are already expert on Online Marketing. With constant reading on Google's guidelines, you should be able to know the right person who are experts on Online Marketing and SEO because they follow what Google wanted to be implemented. TRUST ME.

If I can get at least 10 expert and known people on the said field of expertise  to give +1 on my post, then this information is truly valuable. (A "so-called" Online Marketer/SEO Expert is not going to give a +1 on this post).
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