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Monday, January 26, 2015

How to Define "Driving Traffic" and "Optimizing" Website

​Driving traffic and optimizing certain affiliate websites/products that we already have setup must be handled or managed in a custom way, depending on a certain product or whatever you are trying to make sale of.
First, I would like to clarify these terms before we proceed and to avoid confusion. We must be able to define what is "lead generation” and "website optimization" because if we can't define these 2 terms, definitely or mostly we would be thinking directly of creating backlinks from other blogs; community websites; forums; social media accounts other niches on the internet by dropping off hyperlinks/backlinks that would direct readers going to our website. If that is the case, it is not driving any good traffic to your website. What we are looking for are those potential buyers/customers that we could convert into making a sale for their each visit to our website.

To define, "lead generation" it means determining who those potential buyers/customers that could make a sale in our website through buying the products that we are trying to advertise! If an affiliate product is about beauty products andcosmetics, then possible target buyers are females with age around 18 to up or depending if you conducted a survey for it.

Where to Find them: Facebook or any social media accounts that we could think of that has great population on female subscribers. If you are to find female subscribers that ages around 18 - 30, then definitely you won't find them on or any pornographic site niches.

"Optimizing" business website is much more complicated and takes a long time to achieve or maintain it main pupose. "Website optimization" or SEO is a process wherein you need to create a good reputation for your business website and promote integrity in order for Google to rank your website from the keywords related to your website’s content. So this means no black-hat strategy and it would take time for you to earn page rank value from Google. You don't need any backlinking in order for Google to determine that certain keyword is merited to your website. Being consistent and following the Google Guidelines, surely your website gets great ranking on its SERPS.

This is a conjunction to my previous blog post on "Understanding the Different Concepts of Online Marketing and SEO" --- These are just some of the ranking factors that Google may be considering in Ranking a Website or Webpage.
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