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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Optimization and Promotion Of A Business Website

Promoting a business company on the internet is much different like we do in a traditional way. If I could still recall, there was a time that print advertising was the best form of promoting a business to its client’s or customers. These methods -- business companies let their business information be posted on Yellow Pages, maybe a few more in local papers and then wait for their phone to ring.

But in today’s era, the marketing industry has migrated to the online world and so as methods in advertising as well. Virtual advertising is quite different in advertising in a traditional way. There are lots of things you need to consider and a great variety of options to choose from. To successfully promote your business these options should be carefully planned and must be correctly implemented.

The only thing that has not been changed since then was the information of the business must be correctly printed in a way that customers/clients will not get redirected or confused (especially the address and contact information) on where they can contact you.

In the online world, these data or information are collected by “bots” or “spider bots” --- these are program codes used by any search engine companies to crawl any website they could find to gather and collect data resources and then stored back on their servers forming it as information. Then these are used as basis for their ranking factors in measuring website or webpage on their search results.

Now, to shorten up this discussion --- there are ways or methods or formats that search engine will collect data on each website they could crawl. And as for the company --- the most important information that should be collected with these “bots” are the Business NAP (Name – Address – Phone / Contact Information). Most search engine follow a certain programmatically format in collecting these information ( --- Google use these format in order to identify which data are being stored.

To explain further here is a link that has been provided by Google for us to determine how they collect these data or information for each page in a website. ---
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